Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Death of Angela Banner

Given my earlier posts about Angela Banner and the Ant and Bee books, it is only right that I should also memorialize her (belatedly) with links to articles about her death on May 30, 2014.

First, as befitting of the paucity of information about her, my first hit of "new" material in my periodic internet wandering is an expression of exasperation from alt.obituaries:

"I can't believe I can't find a more formal obit!" 

Second, that is it. I could find nothing more than the same piece from FindaGrave.com written by her niece, so check it out and may Angela Banner rest in peace.


  1. This was not meant to be published on this site. Please remove this. This was for a memorial on Find a Grave with our other beloved relatives. Thank you as my Aunt would NOT want this. Fiona Lincke

  2. I can appreciate that the family would not want the link connected to an external site -- nonetheless I thank you and the host of this site so that I was able to read a little bit about this much loved and certainly admired woman, known as Angela Banner, who inspired me beyond measure. Condolences and best wishes.